Apple WWDC 2021: iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey and everything you need to know

Apple takes technology even further than we can imagine. The WWDC keynote recently concluded with the announcements of all its latest features in iOS 15, Facetime, macOS Monterey, iPad OS, and so much more! Check out an overview of what Apple has in store for you below.

iOS 15

With the new iOS 15, Facetime now allows you to schedule calls and generate links that will not be limited to iPhone users while “Shared with You” works across the system to make it easier for you to find content shared in Messages by conveniently surfacing them in the apps. 

iOS 15 also makes it easier for Apple users to filter the notifications with Focus mode, store ID information and keys through Apple's Wallet, and grab notes from images in your photo gallery with Live Text. 

The Weather app is now animated and Maps has been redesigned with custom-designed landmarks and new road details. 

For the health-conscious, iOS 15 now allows health-sharing, a private and secure way of monitoring the health of your loved ones. 

iPad OS 15

The iPad OS 15 has a new feature called “Quicknote”, a system-wide note-taking feature that can be accessed and hidden with ease. Apple has also created an app library that you can easily access in the dock. The multitasking feature allows you to either minimize certain tabs or split screen two tabs at the same time. 

macOS Monterey

Apple introduces “Airplay to Mac” where you can play, present, and share anything on a Mac from an iPhone. In addition, the macOS Monterey also features a universal control where you can use a single mouse and keyboard to drag and drop files between your Mac and iPad. 

tvOS, watchOS 8, Airpods and iCloud

Facetime’s newest feature, “Shareplay” keeps people connected by allowing them to do activities together and moves fluidly throughout the system so you can extend whatever you’re watching, listening or looking at to your Apple TV. 

Apple Watch’s Reflect is a new way to be more mindful by sharing reflection prompts on the go. Apple Watch encourages you to not only take care of yourself emotionally, but also physically. It now can also track your respiratory rate while sleeping. You can also protect your homes using the Homekey feature on your Apple Watch or iPhone.

Your paid subscription to iCloud+ is made better with three new features—private relay, hide my email, and the Expanded HomeKit Camera Storage. 

Apple’s Conversation Boost focuses your Airpods Pro on the person talking in front of you by reducing the amount of ambient noise. 

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