Why you should get an Apple One subscription

Bundle Apple Arcade, Apple Music, iCloud+, and Apple TV into one easy subscription. Includes plans for you and your family. And everyone has private access to each service across their devices. Here are three reasons why you should get an Apple One subscription.

Save more with Apple One

Whether you’re getting it for yourself or your family, this bundle subscription is more cost-efficient. Instead of paying for Apple services separately, you get more with less.

Apple-exclusive content for the family

Treat your family to Apple-exclusive entertainment with the Apple One subscription. Just because you purchase this subscription for the family doesn’t mean you are sharing. The Family Apple One subscription allows up to 6 family members to use Apple services on their terms.

Extra iCloud storage

Apple already offers 5GB of iCloud storage free to all users for backups, storing photos, and more, but with the Apple one subscription, you get extra iCloud storage. The Individual Apple One plan comes with 50GB of iCloud storage, and the Family plan comes with 200GB.

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