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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You may trade in your smartphone by downloading our evaluation app through the QR code. The app will evaluate your smartphone and give you a trade-in estimate. If you accept the trade-in estimate, we’ll give you instant credit toward a purchase of an iPhone, any other Apple device, or premium accessory in the store.


How do I trade-in?

Step 1: Scan to download our trade-in app

Step 2: Input the store code on the app by scanning the QR code of your preferred store for trade-in or typing in the number code.

Step 3: Review list of what to prepare before running diagnostics

Step 4: Go through in-app phone assessment

Step 5: Get trade-in value

Step 6: Back up your phone

Step 7: Visit Switch/iStore to trade-in


Skipping steps may result to a lower trade-in value due to incorrect diagnosis.


What do I need to prepare before running diagnostics?

Now that you have downloaded our trade-in app, follow these steps to make sure that you get the best trade-in value. Skipping steps may result to a lower trade-in value due to incorrect diagnosis.


  1. Back up your phone. Switch will not be liable for any loss of data.
  2. Enable your Wi-Fi or internet connection & Bluetooth
  3. Insert an active sim card
  4. Set up your fingerprint or Face ID (only if applicable)
  5. Enable NFC (only if applicable)
  6. Turn on screen rotation
  7. Switch off silent mode & volume to be more than 50%
  8. Update your phone to the latest iOS or Android OS.


What do I do if my phone does not appear on the list of choices for trade-in?

Hang in there! We are continuously adding on the list of phones available for trade in.


What phones are eligible for trade in?

We take in phones in any condition, both working & non-working. To check if your phone is eligible for the trade in, download the app through this code or see the list of phones below.


Can I trade in more than one phone?

Yes, we accept as many phones as you want to trade-in as long as it is on our list of phones available for trade-in. Get all the trade-in estimate of your phones and bring it in-store. Our Apple Experts will gladly assist you on summing up the total value of all phones.


How do I access my IMEI?

To find out your IMEI number dial *#06# on the keypad and tap the call button. Your IMEI number should appear shortly.


What do I need to bring to the store for the trade in?

Bring the following items to be eligible for the trade in:

  •  1 Valid Government issued ID. You will need to upload your proof of identity that shows: full name, address, photo, and date of birth. Acceptable forms of ID include the following: valid passport, driving license, Unified Multipurpose ID, PRC ID.
  • Phone/s for trade in
  • Phone accessories if applicable


How long does the trade in process take?

It will only take you around 5 minutes or less.


Can I cancel my trade in?

Yes, as long as the transaction is not yet finalized. A transaction is finalized once the receipt is produced. After this stage, you may no longer refund your trade in device.


Will you accept my phone if I cannot deactivate 'Find my iPhone'?

Yes. But the value will be deducted as a locked device.


Will you accept my phone if it’s “dead” (cannot turn on)?



Can I trade in non-Apple phones?



How are the trade in prices determined?

Trade in prices are determined using an app based diagnostic that determines the condition of each phone. The value of each phone is appraised using an app based standard diagnostic interface.


What are the payment terms?

You may pay the remaining balance in either of the following methods:

  1. Cash
  2. Straight
  3. Debit
  4. Instalment
  5. GCash / Alipay in select stores.
  6. Home Credit in select stores.


For more information about our latest payment scheme, call us in-store.


What do I do if I accidentally skipped some diagnostic tests?

Don't worry, you may repeat the evaluation process if you missed on some steps. Make sure that you read through the guidelines that we provided on what you need to prepare before trading in to ensure that you get the best trade-in value. Skipping diagnostic steps may result to an inaccurate trade-in value.