Apple Watch Edition, 42mm White Ceramic Case with Cloud Sport Band



The Apple Watch Edition comes with a wrist-based heart rate technology. It will provide you with a better idea about your fitness and training. It will also allow you to gain an estimate of your fitness age. The heart rate variability is used for calculating and displaying your level of stress. You can check your fitness graph, which is available on your device. When you see your graph raising up, it means that your stress level is increasing, allowing you to track and relieve your stress.

Stylish Smart Design

The Apple Watch Edition is a sleek and slim band. The only visibility on the band is the tracker hidden display, however, when the device is not in use, it will disappear. It's perfect for your daily wear, may it be the gym, to work or to a party. This device comes with the ability to track activity. Now, even while you are on the go, you can check the number of steps you walked the whole day and also how many calories you have burnt. It can automatically detect when the body is at work and when it is at rest.


This Apple Watch Edition can be connected to your iPhone, allowing you to sync your emails, text messages and social network notification. Now everything you need is at your wrist. It also connects automatically to IOS software and is also compatible with iPhone and IPad. It also comes with the tracking feature of finding your phone and controlling your music

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