Lab.C Tempered Glass Full Cover Diamond Black for iPhone 12 Series

Size: iPhone 12 / 12 Pro


We never use our phone without the Lab.C Diamond Glass Protectors.  

Not all screen protectors are the same.  Make sure you get a quality protector for ease of use and zero obstuction.


- ULTRA SLIM AND REAL GLASS.  0.33mm glass increases touch sensitivity and recognition rate with its special adhesive. 

- Durable and high transparency.  

- ANTI-SHATTER TEMPERED GLASS.  The glass is specially coated to prevent shattering if glass gets damaged.  


- PREMIUM OLEOPHOBIC COATING makes it less prone to dust, foreign matters, and fingerprints.  

- AUTOMATIC ADHESION.  Special adhesive makes installation a breeze.  Simply make sure the surface is clean and dust free, align the protector, and place. 

- VIVID DISPLAY.  High light transmission for vivid and clear display.  Slow light reflection to protect your eyes. 

- ROUNDED CORNERS to reduce the risk of damage and corner cracks. 

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