Philips Adapter 4K HDMI/ 1080p VGA Mini



A/5-pin mini B connector

A male/B male connector can meet your specific connection requirements.

Advanced protection layer can increase data transmission rate

The advanced protection layer can prevent external radio frequency noise, thereby increasing the data transmission rate.

Gold-plated A male/B male connector for better conductivity

The gold-plated A male/B male connector can achieve better conductivity by reducing the contact resistance.

Corrosion resistant connector

Compressed brass with 24K electroplated gold connectors can produce a safe, durable connection, optimized signal quality and provide the best picture quality and data transmission.

Flexible PVC shell

The flexible PVC shell provides protection for the delicate cable inner core. It also has stronger durability and is easier to install.

Rubber air outlet riser

The rubber air outlet riser provides a safe and flexible joint between the cable and the plug.

Molded terminals enhance durability

Molded terminals can prevent wear and extend the life of the cable.

PC and Mac compatible

The USB 2.0 cable is suitable for both PC and Mac computers.

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