Make the switch! 📱Trade-in an iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB and save up to PHP32,000.

Make the switch and upgrade to the extraordinary! 📱

Trade-in an iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB and save up to PHP32,000 when you upgrade to an iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB.

Trade-up Product Then Now

Installment Price 

iPhone 14 Pro Max
128 GB

₱ 83,990
₱  72,990
₱ 81,990
Trade-in Product Maximum Trade-in Value

Amount to be paid via cash/straight less Trade-in value

Amount to be paid via installment less Trade-in value
iPhone 13 Pro Max
128 GB
₱ 32,000

₱ 40,990

₱ 49,990


You can also trade-in multiple devices to get higher trade in value and purchase any product in-store with your trade-in value.


  1. Go to your nearest Switch store and bring the device you want to trade in. Secure 1 valid government ID with you.

  2. Download the Smart Exchange app on the App Store or Play Store. Make sure it's on the device that you want to trade in. You may install this before going to the store for convenience. See FAQs.

  3. IMEI number. Get the device IMEI number. You can do this by dialing *#06# on your phone. Take a screenshot to copy and paste in the app to begin evaluation.

  4. Store code. Ask any of our Apple experts in-store and enter it in the app.

  5. Initial Trade In Value. Follow the instructions on the Smart Exchange app and complete the evaluation process and see the initial trade in value for your device.

  6. Final Diagnosis and Trade In Value. Our in-store Apple expert shall give the final diagnosis and trade in value for your device.

  7. Shop. Use your final trade in value to shop for any item in-store.


✔️ Final trade-in value will vary depending on actual diagnosis of the device.
✔️ Discounted price shown is based on the maximum trade in value for iPhone 13 pro max 128gb.
✔️ Trade in your old device/s, working or not working, at zero risk at your nearest Switch store.
✔️ Get a quote in 60 seconds using the Smart Exchange App.
✔️ Upgrade to the device you really want. We accept iPhones, other Smartphone, Macs, iPads, Tablets, and Watches.


For more information on our deals and promos, you can inquire by sending us a message at and one of our Virtual Shop Assistants will get back to you. You can also reach us through our Viber community, or message us directly on Facebook and Instagram.

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Promo runs until May 31, 2023.


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