Common Trade in Myths That Are Simply Not True

Trade in is truly a smart and sustainable plan to part ways or get rid of your old and used devices. But there are a few common misconceptions on how it actually works. 

Our trade in program basically lets you exchange any of your devices for instant store credit. Now, what is a store credit? Store credit is like instant cash that you can use at our stores to purchase any product.  

Here are 5 other commonly held beliefs about our trade in program that are simply just myths. 

Myth #1: Trade in is only phone-to-phone

Some think that you can only exchange a phone for another phone. In fact, you can trade in your smartphone, iPad, and Apple Watch for instant store credit.

Myth #2: You can only trade in one device for another one

You can trade in two or more devices, as many as you want, as long as they're eligible. When you combine two or more of your old devices, you can actually get higher store credit and discount for your new purchase.


Myth #3: Exclusive to devices, accessories are not available

Your new purchase doesn't have to necessarily be an iPad, iPhone or any device. You can use store credit towards premium accessories that you are eyeing for. 

Myth 4: Apple-branded product only as the new purchase

These accessories doesn't even have to be Apple-branded. You can opt to get other accessories available in our stores as your new purchase. 

Myth #5: Android devices are not acceptable

The promo is not exclusive to Apple-branded products. Should you decide to switch to Apple, you can trade in an Android device for an iPhone or iPad and still enjoy the store credit.  

To get started and find out if your device is eligible, download the Smart Exchange App and follow the steps here

If these new discoveries are not enough to make you try out our trade-in program, read this article to find out why you really should.