3 Actions Made Easier with iPad OS15

iPad OS15 just got released with features that personalize our experience, organize our files, and most importantly, connect to those who are dear to us. Here are some of the iPad OS15 features that make our lives easier. 



Too many notifications from too many apps can get overwhelming. With iPad OS15, Focus allows you to personalize your notifications to help you achieve what you want to do. 

All you have to do is choose from a list of Focus or customize which apps you want and don’t want to notify you. Focus personalizes your iPad experience with whatever you need to do.

You can also personalize your Safari browser by personalizing tabs to keep it neat and organized. You can now sync Tab Groups across devices, making them easily accessible wherever you are.


Your iPad is as organized as you want it to be, but the new OS update makes it even easier to tick off the to-dos on our list. Get things done by maximizing your whole iPad screen with widgets. Organize your widgets among apps on the Home Screen, and it comes in a larger size so you can see videos, pictures, music, and more.

Note-taking on iPad has never been so accessible and organized. Since Quick Note is system-wide with Notes, you can access all your Notes on Quick Note. You can also add handwriting, links, Safari highlights, and mention other users in shared notes. The all-new Tag Browser and tag-based Smart Folders make it easy to categorize and find notes quickly.


Make virtual interactions as natural as they can get with iPad Os15’s Facetime updates. In iPad OS15, you can also schedule and make Facetime links so that everyone, even those Android and Windows devices, can join the call. 

Voice Isolation is a microphone mode that eliminates background noise, but you can also keep it with Wide Spectrum. Portrait mode in FaceTime blurs a user’s background, and if you are talking to a bigger group, you can choose to display participants in a grid view. 

Share experiences with loved ones on Facetime from wherever they are with Shareplay. Shareplay is a new feature that allows users to share their screens to view apps, listen to music together, and watch movies together.

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