5 things to watch out for in iOS 15

Create new memories with Facetime’s Shareplay

Do more than talk on Facetime. With iOS15, iPhone users can now use Shareplay, which gives you and your loved ones more opportunities to connect, no matter the distance. You can watch movies together, listen to music together, and even share your screen. You can use your iPad, Mac, or iPhone because Shareplay is supported on all devices updated to the newest OS.


Enhance productivity with Focus

The best way to maintain focus is to curate notifications based on what you are doing. With iOS15’s Focus, you can completely switch notifications off or choose the apps for work, personal time, sleep, fitness, mindfulness, gaming, reading, or driving that are allowed to notify you.


Grab text using Live Text

From grabbing text from pictures to translating text from pictures, iOS15’s Live Text can make your life easier. Instead of manually typing text from an image, the feature recognizes it and immediately does it for you. Live Text works in Photos, Screenshot, Quick Look, and Safari and live previews with Camera.


Organize content with Shared with You

Content like photos and articles are best shared with those dear to you. That’s why Apple created Shared with You, a feature that organizes content sent to you over Messages has a dedicated section in the following apps: Photos, Safari, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and the Apple TV app.


Keep health in check with iOS15

With iOS15, you are now able to keep tabs on the health of your loved ones. You can select and share which data and trends to share, including heart health, activity, labs, vitals, Medical ID, cycle tracks, and more. Monitoring is even easier because you can share their health data analysis using Messages.


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