The Best Products to Clean and Sanitize your Devices

Cleaning our devices is more important than ever - we want to stay healthy and safe as we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Several studies show that dirt and viruses are most likely to live on the surface of our devices, especially on the screen of our mobile phones. 

But not all cleaning products are suitable to sanitize your devices. Some might cause more damage if not used properly. What you need are the right products to use so we made a short list to help you choose: 

Whoosh Spray Screen Shine 

The spray cleaner specifically designed to use for devices, Whoosh Spray Screen Shine will leave the surface of your screen clean of dust, dirt, oil, gunk and fingerprints. It's small and easy to carry so you can practice good tech hygiene on the go.

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PanzerGlass Spray Twice a Day Antibacterial Device Cleaner 

Another useful cleaning product for your mobile device, screens, lens or even glasses is the PanzerGlass spray. It uses non-alcohol-based ingredients so there is no risk that the oleophobic layer of your screen will wear down.

Moshi Deep Purple UV Sanitizer 

This portable UV sanitizer folds to only 2cm thick so you can bring it wherever you go. As quickly as 4 minutes, your device will receive 360° cleaning as it allows UV-C light to pass through and make contact with the underside of the objects. 

Amazing Thing All in one UV C sanitizer 

It not only disinfects the devices you want to sanitize, it also comes as a power bank. With a spacious storage, you can put in multiple objects inside and clean it in as fast as 3 minutes. 

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