Adam Elements Casa Hub i8 USB-C 3.1 8-in-1 Hub for iMac & iMac Pro Silver



It would be nice if all computer ports can be accessed from the front, however it’s not alway the case. Apple puts all iMac ports on the back for a perfectly clean front panel, but just to sacrifice the convenience using USB, video or sound outputs with ease

That’s where the ADAM elements CASA Hub i8 comes in

This Multi-Function, Multi-Port Hub

CASA Hub i8 intelligently converts a USB Type-C ports to a USB 3.1 Type-C port, two standard USB 3.1 Type-A ports, a HDMI video port, a pair if SD/microSD memory card readers and a 48kHz/16-bit stereo earphone jack.

Designed specially for iMac and is compatible with any computer with a USB-C port, the i8 adds more port to your iMac and makes it even more handy and practical without affecting the cleanliness; and you’ll never have to reach the back and guess where your cables would go.

High-Resolutions Display

Of course the 5K screen on new iMacs is dazzling, and i8 makes it even better by adding an extra HDMI port originally unavailable to connect an external 4K/30Hz monitor for desktop extension or mirroring. So you can double the productivity or fun of your iMac by fully unleashing its powerful graphic potential.


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