Belkin TemperedGlass iPhone 14 Clear TCP

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TemperedGlass is an antimicrobial, anti-impact, anti-scratch and anti-stain protection. The new antimicrobial coating reduces the growth of bacteria on your phone while preserving the touch function and transparency of your screen. Crafted from premium Japanese glass, this screen protector maintains the unique iPhone touch, sliding effect and user experience. It has also been designed to provide your iPhone screen with brightness, finesse and sharpness. The Easy Align support allows simple and precise installation, in order to provide maximum protection;

Effective protection against germs

Everywhere we go, our phones accumulate germs from our fingers, pockets, bags, car seats, etc. The screen protector's antimicrobial coating helps reduce the growth of bacteria on your phone by 99%*, giving you complete peace of mind.

Anti-scratch and anti-shock impact shield

TemperedGlass provides multi-layered protection thoroughly tested for resistance against damage from drops or shock impacts. It has also undergone rigorous testing to verify its resistance to contact with metal objects such as keyrings and coins. TemperedGlass has been pencil-strength tested and rated 9H**, the highest level of scratch protection.

Visible transparency

All Belkin screen protectors are subject to battery tests, based on the strictest standards of optometry. Crafted from high-quality materials, this Japanese-sourced glass keeps your screen bright and crisp. You therefore benefit from a perfectly clean protective layer that preserves the visual properties of your device.

Retained touch screen function

Thanks to the composition of the glass, your fingers glide easily over the screen. It's as if the latter were devoid of screen protection. The glass is extremely thin. With its 0.33 mm thickness, the touch function of your smartphone is preserved, regardless of the level of pressure you exert on the screen. This protective film has been specially designed to avoid fingerprints and grease, thus allowing your iPhone screen to remain clean and transparent.

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