Cygnett OpticShield Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Series

Size: iPhone 12 Mini



Protect your iPhone 12 with precisely cut Japanese tempered glass. Maintain both optimum touch-screen sensitivity and clarity whilst guarding against the most common causes of screen damage - knocks, drops and scratches. With inbuilt anti-bacterial protection to help to reduce germs on your iPhone 12. 

Kills up to 99% of germs
This screen protector comes with inbuilt anti-bacterial protection which can help to reduce up to 99% of germs that live on your iPhone 12 screen.

Tempered glass
Our 9H tempered glass delivers superior impact absorption and scratch protection. Avoid the pain and protect your phone display.

Easy to install
Our included easy fit applicator, coupled with advanced adhesives, ensure a quick, accurate and bubble-free installation.

Key Features

Anti-Bacterial Protection

Tempered glass protection

Superior impact absorption

Optimal screen clarity & touch sensitivity

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